Fan Fiction is an area of the site in which users may read or write and publish their written works. Each submission may be rated by other members. 

There are 11 different sections on the main page and they are as follows: 

  • Today's Most Viewed
  • Today's Top Rated
  • My Favorites
  • Recently Published
  • This Month's Most Viewed
  • This Month's Top Rated
  • All Time Most Viewed
  • All Time Top Rated
  • Random Snippet
  • Recently Updated
  • Under Construction (We'll see what becomes of this soon!)

Reading Edit

There are no requirements to begin reading. Simply hop over to the Fanfiction page and choose a story to read.

Writing Stories Edit

Writing stories is a bit harder than simply reading but still extraordinarily easy to do. From the Fanfiction page you'll need to buy a Story Quill and Story Parchment before equipping them. After equipped head over to Begin New Story and start writing.