Grayboy12 is also know as Grayson in the real world. He was sorted into Slytherin house and was overjoyed. He became close friends with Carlos53800 during his second year. He has always showed interest in the Dark Arts and was a huge Voldemort supporter. He began showing interest in Orthus Ravenheart around the same time as his friend Carlos. They joined a Death Eater club started by Orthus but it was quickly shut down. He began to manipulate the mind of a young first year Slytherin known as Alvin Dragonheart. He wanted to rule hex as the new Dark Lord with his partner Carlos. He began to lead young Alvin to help further his quest for power. His current location and activities are currently unknown. It is rumored he is trying to recruit more followers and plan an attack.

Specialities: grayboy is a very powerful young wizard. He is very educated in the art of magic and always recieves good marks. He is an experienced potion maker and is skilled at combative magic. He is very curious about Dark Magic and can be found lurking in Knockturn Alley and the Restricted section. He is pureblood and his only true muggleborn friend is Carlos.