Hogwarts Extreme (8)
is the place to store all of your hard earned Galleons. Any money you place in Gringotts can not be used for purchasing items or putting up for trade, but will be safe from any form of loss. It is, after all, a bank.

Welcome to your personal vault in Gringotts Bank! This vault is 100% secure from any intruder who may wish to get their hands on your precious money. Our goblins are the only creatures, magical or otherwise, who have ever been able to successfully navigate the complex labyrinth of tunnels underneath Gringotts. If somehow a creature is able to make their way to your vault, you need not worry! Our vault doors have been enhanced with many rare and complex charms to ward off all known spells that could possibly be used to break into or otherwise gain access to your vault. The walls have even been charmed to prevent ghosts from phasing through them! The only way to gain access is through your personal magical key or the magic of a Gringotts goblin. Obviously, you have no reason to ever fear for the safety of your wizard money. Thank you for choosing Gringotts!

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