Howarts Extreme is an interactive Harry Potter Role-Playing site. It was created on August 23, 2001. Since then, the site has continually been growing until finally, in June 2013, it went through a complex redesign with the introduction of several new features, with many more to be released in the near future. Hogwarts Extreme was created for Harry Potter fans to be able to experience a true Interactive Harry Potter Experience. Here, fans have the possibility to delve into new realms and interact and role-play in a fun and safe environment. Hogwarts Extreme serves hundreds of thousands of members. The site is maintained by the administrators, staff, and global moderators.

Discipline Edit

Hogwarts Extreme has a strict set of rules that must be followed. Breaking these rules could result in either getting a warning from the staff, going to Azkaban (being suspended from site) or getting expelled (being removed from the website). Make sure to read the Rules, Terms, and Conditions before doing anything questionable. Yeah which means if you had a account on there 4 5 years ago and you make a new account with the same email account prepare to be punished for it and the site staff don't even care they just drop the hammer on you and don't even bother actually looking into things first

Houses Edit

Just like the books and movies, Hex staff will sort you into the appropriate house. You will either go into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Each house is allowed to visit their respective forums, but not visit forums that correspond with the other houses. Each house has a Debating Team, Dueling Team, and Quidditch Team forums. Also like the books, students will earn house points throughout the school year. The house with the most points at the end of the school year is awarded a special reward (the school term is real-time, meaning there is a summer break).

Economy Edit

Hex has a large supply of items that can be bought and sold. Each member has their own store in which they can use to try to make Galleons . Galleons can be used to purchase items in the Hex shops or in user shops. The more rare the item, the more expensive it becomes.

Hogfriends Edit

Don't forget to make Hogwarts Friends (or Hogfriends, for short)!

Once you add a person as a Hogfriend, you will be notified when he or

she comes online.

Movie Rating Edit

Keep in mind that the site is considered PG-13. This means that certain swear or curse words are allowed and should be expected at one point or another.