Orthus Ravenheart is a student at Hogwarts who came to school two years after the Battle of Hogwarts.He later tries to become the new Dark Lord but fails.

Orthus was Sorted into Hufflepuff,although he is greedy and powerhungry.He is the great-grandson of a professor at Hogwarts who had his wand snapped for studying the Dark Arts.

At first,Orthus appears to be a talkative and bookwormish student,but later shows his true colors as powerhungry and insane.He is very experienced in the Dark Arts as he can cast the Killing Curse in his second year at Hogwarts.

The first people he meets are Thalia Lancaster and another student named Brooke.On their first encounter,he is interested in the Dark Arts,with a mysterious look in his eyes.

Orthus actually has several servants who are at Hogwarts as shown in Thalia's several dreams.He calls them his "Death Eaters," and they are fiercely loyal to him.He has a cat named Morgan and a snake named Fyreheart,who are his familiars.They ocassionally do missions for him and are greatly awarded.


1.Dark Arts:Orthus is exceptionally skilled in dark magic.At his second year,he murders a first year and covers it up successfully.

2.Occlumency:Orthus is capable of shielding his mind from professors.

3.Potions:Orthus was able to create his own potion to poison MacGonigal.


Why Orthus was sorted into Hufflepuff was a mystery,however,he was cunning and ambitious like Slytherin,somewhat clever like Ravenclaw,and brave enough to put himself at risk like Gryffindor.It may be his bookish and forgetfulness was a part of his emotion and the Sorting Hat picked Hufflepuff.


Orthus has no friends,as he calls them,"pawns who either make it across the chessboard or die."he even goes as far as to poison Brooke,even though it was a dream of Thalia Lancaster's,he is like that.


After being killed in her dream,Thalia is in limbo.Dumbledore tells her that that was her last dream and to think things over this time.When the Raven Mockers(Orthus' Death Eaters)lay waste to Hogwarts,Thalia tells him what he will become and he jumps off of the Astronomy Tower.The Death Eaters all are captured or dead.